Housing and Retirement Income: An Integrated View

By Patricia Pascuzzo The recent proposal and ensuing debate about allowing young people to access their superannuation to buy their first homes has again highlighted  many of the shortcomings about policy discussions in Australia today. Once again, the various parties took up their positions for and against the proposal. While debate is undoubtedly welcome, sometimes… Read More

Superannuation Deal Just a First Step to Retirement Adequacy

The deal struck on the federal government’s superannuation package opens the door to a wider policy debate about how to deliver more adequate and sustainable retirement incomes, an independent think tank said today. The Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI), a non-partisan body that brings together industry, policy, consumer and academic groups to collaborate on… Read More

CSRI Welcomes PM Summit Agreement Super Tax Reform

MEDIA RELEASE Oct 1, 2015 The national reform summit’s backing of reform of superannuation tax concessions is a welcome and overdue development, an independent body of policy experts said today. The Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes, formed earlier this year to push for holistic reform of Australia’s retirement system, said the unsustainable nature of the… Read More