Superannuation Deal Just a First Step to Retirement Adequacy

The deal struck on the federal government’s superannuation package opens the door to a wider policy debate about how to deliver more adequate and sustainable retirement incomes, an independent think tank said today. The Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI), a non-partisan body that brings together industry, policy, consumer and academic groups to collaborate on… Read More

Six Simple Questions – Part 1

The CSRI was founded to encourage the sharing of ideas toward building a more sustainable, efficient, equitable and adequate retirement incomes system. We’re lucky to have attracted some high-profile and highly knowledgeable sponsors to contribute to our work and help shape the debate. Joining us today for the discussion are these six experts: In this… Read More

Why superannuation concessions are no budget goldmine

by Andrew Podger The idea that superannuation tax expenditures amount to around $30 billion dollars a year, vastly favouring the rich and presenting easy pickings to fix the budget has become widely accepted. The facts, however, are very different. The tax treatment of superannuation is excessive, and does favour higher income groups inappropriately, but the… Read More