Murray Response a Great Start

MEDIA RELEASE Oct 20, 2015 The federal government’s decision to back the Murray recommendation to enshrine an objective for superannuation has been welcomed by an independent committee of experts set up to push for a holistic package of retirement incomes reform.  But it says much more work will be needed. The Committee for Sustainable Retirement… Read More

Tweaking Won’t Fix Retirement System

Originally published in the Australian Financial Review on 26 May, 2015. “Two decades of tweaking have created a complex retirement savings system that has strayed far from its originally designed purpose of providing for incomes in retirement”, writes CSRI executive director Patricia Pascuzzo. The changes announced in the 2015/16 federal budget demonstrate the limitations of… Read More

A Holistic Approach

Australia has not had a comprehensive review of its retirement income policies in nearly 30 years. Superannuation and the age pension have grown alongside each other, but separately. Policy changes have been piecemeal and usually related to budget imperatives. While government has commissioned reviews in the last two years into the financial system, taxation and… Read More