Retirement Income Reform: Big Picture View Needed

Short-term budgetary and political positioning over superannuation threaten putting off even further an effective long-term reform plan for Australia’s retirement income system, an independent body of experts has warned. Ongoing politicking over superannuation tax concessions risks resulting in yet another narrowly framed attempt to tackle a much wider problem. “Debate over policy reform is a good… Read More

The Turnbull Government’s Response to the Financial System Inquiry.

The Government has adopted all but one of the 44 recommendations of the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) all of which had received wide support as being necessary policy changes. Overall the net result should: Strengthen the resilience of the financial system Lift the value of the superannuation system and retirement incomes Modestly promote some more competition Lead to… Read More

Murray Response: More Work Needed.

Originally published in the Australian Financial Review on 26 Oct, 2015. “The Turnbull government’s response to the Murray Report includes some useful first steps towards a more coherent, effective and sustainable retirement income system.  But there is much more to be done.” Fortunately, Turnbull’s recent positive language emphasising workforce participation, savings and investment, productivity and… Read More