New Government leadership offers greater hope for retirement income reform
22 September 2015. Australia’s retirement savings system has become a political football. But the leadership change in Canberra gives hope for a more bipartisan approach to reform, writes Patricia Pascuzzo.

National Reform Summit Four Key Takeaways
29 August 2015
Executive Director Patricia Pascuzzo argues that while the National Reform Summit has set up a practical action plan for a sustainable retirement income system, the real work is yet to start.

National Reform Summit Final Statement 26 August 2015
Australia is a wealthy country that can have an even more prosperous future shared by everyone. We believe in sustainable economic growth and the creation of high-quality jobs with shared prosperity that improves the quality of life for all.  Groups representing Australian business, community and workers came together today to agree actions that will help realise our shared vision.

Call to count the family home for pensions and super
17 August 2015
“The case for full exemption is becoming weaker as home assets and other assets are growing” says the Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes.

Making retirement sustainable
10 June 2015 – YourLifeChoices
Planning or organising retirement income has become the ultimate juggling act in recent years, with far too many piecemeal, ad hoc changes to policy and entitlements. So imagine this: What if a group of experienced academics, senior policy makers, and community and industry organisations were to join forces to investigate a comprehensive review of Australia’s retirement income system?

The super agenda for change
9 June 2015 – Vanguard
The superannuation system is under scrutiny on two fronts – its high costs and the ability to deliver income in the all-important retirement year.

Don’t rebuild super ‘from scratch’
9 June 2015 – Investor Daily
Constant piecemeal change and the absence of clear goals is creating uncertainty around superannuation, but there is no need to put the system on hold while perfection is sought, the CSRI Leadership form in Canberra has found.

A voice of reason on super
5 June 2015- Business Spectator
Amid the increasingly politicised debate about retirement incomes policy, one voice of reason emerged this week.

CSRI Press release
5 June 2015

Where to for super? David Murray at the Retirement Incomes Forum
4 June 2015 – Cuffelinks
This week’s inaugural Sustainable Retirement Incomes Forum included some of the heaviest hitters in superannuation policy. Although the Forum and its independent committee represent the best chance of a policy consensus emerging, it also emphasised tese are strange times for the superannuation industry.

We need to start taxing pensions on retirement, not opening up super products to tax advantages
3 June 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Rather than taxing private pensions once people hit retirement, the Abbott government may be about to extend the tax benefit for certain products.

Retirement incomes need an overhaul
3 June 2015 – YourLifeChoices
Speaking at the Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI) Inaugural leadership forum last night, Financial System Inquiry (FSI) chairman David Murray has called on the government to overhaul the retirement incomes framework.

Coalition divided on superannuation reform
3 June 2015- Australian Financial Review
Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has left open the possibility of allowing new types of retirement products, as new controversy broke out over whether the Coalition will contemplate super reform in a second term of government.
Industry and retail super clash over default funds
3 June 2015- Australian Financial Review
The non-profit and retail arms of the superannuation industry have clashed over whether a shake up of how employers chose an industry fund for employees will benefit their members.
Council on the Ageing says retirement income review ‘is a lever we could use’
3 June 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Speaking at a Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI) forum in Canberra, COTA chief Ian Yates suggested that his organisation would continue to lobby for a comprehensive review of retirement incomes.
David Murray calls for retirement incomes review
3 June 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Mr Murray calls for the government to conduct a comprehensive review of the retirement incomes system in an address given at the inaugural CSRI Forum.
Josh Frydenberg talks retirement
3 June 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Hon Josh Frydenberg MP notes the obvious flaw in claims that super tax concessions “cost” $30 billion a year.
Coalition inaction on superannuation makes system more vulnerable
2 June 2015- Australian Financial Review
Mr David Murray AO states that the Coalition government risks making Australia’s $2 trillion superannuation system more vulnerable by refusing to reform the regime at the inaugural CSRI Forum in Canberra.
Nothing’s gone wrong with superannuation, but there’s been a lot of tinkering
2 June 2015 – ABC News
CSRI Chairman Dr Mike Keating discusses changes to the superannuation scheme through the years and the impact this has had in an interview with The ABC’s Michael Brissenden.
Tony Abbott chastised for promise to leave super alone
27 May 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Sally Patten discusses CSRI Chairman Dr Mike Keating’s concern that current  policies do not adequately account for the interaction between the superannuation and pension system.
Retirement and superannuation income policies anything but fixed
26 May 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Ms Patricia Pascuzzo argues that if left unchecked, the retirement income system is likely to face the worse of both possible worlds – low retirement adequacy coupled with rising budgetary costs.
The need for retirement income reform
26 May 2015 – Cuffelinks
CSRI Executive Director Ms Patricia Pascuzzo  outlines the need to refocus the system on the provision of sustainable income throughout the years of retirement.
Superannuation will be adequate, if lump sums are curtailed
21 May 2015 – Australian Financial Review
CSRI committee member Professor Andrew Podger AO  argues that Australia’s retirement income system does not need additional resources to deliver adequate retirement incomes for everyone.
Overhaul needed to make super sustainable
12 May 2015 – Australian Financial Review
CSRI Chairman Dr Mike Keating discusses that the superannuation system needs a major overhaul to be fair and efficient, as well as sustainable, but the proposed reforms are piecemeal.
Time to deal with flaws in superannuation system
3 May 2015 – Australian Financial Review
CSRI Executive Director Ms Patricia Pascuzzo  outlines the need for an overhaul of the super system to return it to the spirit of its original purpose: a decent retirement for everyone.
Comprehensive reform of retirement incomes urged
3 May 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Laura Tingle announces the Australian Financial Review as the CSRI’s media partner.
What you do with super after retirement needs reform, experts say
14 April 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Laura Tingle provides an overview of the CSRI’s response to the Murray Financial System Inquiry.
Superannuation, pension perks in Hockey’s sights
11 April 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Laura Tingle and Phillip Coorey identify the CSRI as part of a “push for a comprehensive review of retirement incomes.”
Forum to examine the retirement income system
9 April 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Laura Tingle interviews CSRI Chairman, Dr Mike Keating, and Executive Director, Ms Patricia Pascuzzo. Ms Tingle highlights the CSRI as an independent voice on Australia’s retirement income system, as well as discussing its Inaugural Leadership Forum.

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