CSRI Submission on the Regulatory Framework for Comprehensive Income Products in Retirement July 2017

CSRI Submission to the Productivity Commission Review of Superannuation Alternative Default Models April 2017

CSRI Sustainable Retirement Income Integrated Reform Programme, 2017

CSRI Submission on DSS Income Streams Discussion Paper, February 2017


Position Papers:

Securing Sustainable Retirement Incomes for All Australians – Outcomes of the CSRI Leadership Forum October 2016

A Holistic View of the Retirement Income System – Overview and Summary – Consultation Draft for the CSRI Leadership Forum 12-13 October 2016

Making Income the Goal – A Regulatory Framework for the Post Retirement System, October 2016, Consultation Draft for the CSRI Leadership Forum

Pursuing Adequate Retirement Incomes for all Australians October 2016 – Consultation Draft for the CSRI Leadership Forum.

Encouraging Sustainability and Self Provision in Retirement Incomes, October 2016 – Consultation Draft for the CSRI Leadership Forum

CSRI Post Retirement Roundtable Summary of Outcomes May 2016

CSRI Adequacy and Sustainability Roundtable August 2016

CSRI Discussion Paper “Clarifying the purpose of the retirement income system” March  2016


Yates, J, Ong R, Bradbury B; Housing as the Fourth Pillar of Australia’s Retirement Income System, Aug 2016, Discussion Paper Prepared for the CSRI Sustainability Roundtable.

Ong, R, Wood M, The Treatment of Housing Assets for Age Pension and Aged Care eligibility – Options and Issues, August 2016, Discussion Paper prepared for the CSRI Adequacy Roundtable.


CSRI National Reform Summit Position Paper August 2015

CSRI Tax White Paper Initial Submission July 2015

CSRI Submission to Senate Committee Inquiry on Pension Means Test June 2015

CSRI Inaugural Leadership Forum Communique

CSRI Submission to the Financial System Inquiry Report