We extend our appreciation to all CSRI sponsors – Academy of the Social Sciences, Australian National University, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation; Dimensional, Challenger, PWC, PIMCO, King and Wood Mallesons, First State Super, TAL, Industry Super Australia (ISA), Cbus, Link Group, StatePlus, and Council of the Aging – for being policy development partners in the truest sense of the word.

Sincere thanks to all the academic and industry experts who contributed research and analysis that provided the evidence base for CSRIs policy positions, including:

Vicki Allen; Siobhen Austen, Curtin University; Hazel Bateman, CEPAR; Bruce Bradbury, UNSW; Nick Callil, Willis Towers Watson; David Cox, Challenger; Suzanne Doyle, StatePlus; Phil Gallagher, Industry Super Australia; Matthew Gray ANU; James Grubel ANU; Nathan Hodge, KWM; David Ingles, ANU Crawford School of Public Policy; Hal Kendig, CEPAR; David Knox, Mercer;  Zac May, Industry Super Australia; Peter McDonald, ANU; Bronwyn McNaughton CSC; Catherine Nance, PWC; Rachel Ong, Curtin University; Jim Parker, Dimensional; John Piggott, CEPAR; Murray Radcliffe, ASSA, Laura Ryan, PIMCO, Martin Stevenson, First State Super; Ruth Stringer, KWM; Darren Wickham, TAL; Nadine Wilmot; Liz West, ASSA; Glenn Withers ASSA; Peter Whiteford, ANU; Catherine Wood, Mike Woods, Women in Super; Ian Yates, COTA; and Judith Yates, USyd.