Balancing the need to target limited taxpayer resources available for retirement income support against the importance of encouraging self-reliance through working and saving remains a key challenge.

This work stream primarily addresses the tax regime and income and assets test arrangements, and options for promoting continued employment. It links to the work streams on adequacy and post-retirement incomes particularly as it considers transition to retirement arrangements, preservation and age pension age, and the treatment of the family home.

Workstream Participants:

  • David Coogan, PWC
  • David Cox, Challenger
  • Phil Gallagher, Industry Super Australia
  • David Ingles, ANU Crawford School for Public Policy
  • Mike Keating, CSRI
  • David Knox Mercer
  • Rachel Ong, Curtin University
  • Catherine Nance, PWC
  • Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI
  • John Piggott, CEPAR
  • Murray Radcliffe, ASSA
  • Andrew Podger, CSRI
  • Catherine Wood, Women in Super
  • Ian Yates, COTA
  • Judith Yates, USyd