This workstream explores definitions of adequacy and the implications of different approaches for the level of savings that need to be accumulated, and the related matters of mandated and voluntary contribution levels, preservation and age pension age and superannuation caps. In doing so it liaises with the post-retirement income workstream on preferred income products. It also models the impact of different contribution rates for individuals and families with different workforce experience.

The workstream reviews evidence and options concerning the level of the pension and related payments including rent assistance, and health and aged care support. It  links its work with that of the workstream exploring targeting and incentives.

Workstream Participants: 

  • Siobhen Austen, Curtin University
  • David Cox, Challenger
  • Phil Gallagher, Industry Super Australia
  • Mike Keating, CSRI
  • Hal Kendig, CEPAR
  • David Knox, Mercer
  • Peter McDonald, ANU
  • Rachel Ong, Curtin University
  • Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI
  • John Piggott, CEPAR
  • Murray Radcliffe, ASSA
  • Andrew Podger, CSRI
  • Catherine Wood, Women in Super
  • Peter Whiteford, ANU
  • Ian Yates, COTA
  • Judith Yates, USyd