Nov 24, 2016: Keeping it Simple on Super

The superannuation sector’s push to include a reference to retiree living standards in the proposed legislated objective for super could prove counter-productive for most Australians, an independent think tank has warned.

Sept 30, 2016: Super Line-Up for Australian Retirement Income Summit

The challenge of improving the living standards of millions of Australians facing retirement in the coming years is to be taken up by a leadership forum involving some of the nation’s top policy, industry and community leaders.

Sept 20, 2016:  Most Australians to Struggle in Retirement

Most Australians will struggle to save enough for a comfortable retirement or even to meet their aged care costs, according to research commissioned by the CSRI.

Sept 15, 2016: Superannuation Deal Just a First Step to Retirement Adequacy

The deal struck on the federal government’s superannuation package opens the door to a wider policy debate about how to deliver more adequate and sustainable retirement incomes, the CSRI said today.

August 7, 2016:  Retirement Income Shift Highlights Need for Innovation

Australians’ growing preference for income streams in retirement over lump sums highlights the need for greater innovation and reform of the retirement income system, according to an independent think-tank.

April 17, 2016:  Retirement Income Reform – Now the hard part

Australia’s leading experts in retirement income policy have laid down a challenge to political leaders to think beyond the short-term budget and political cycle in building a more sustainable, adequate and efficient post-retirement system.

Mar 10, 2016: Shot in Arm for Retirement Incomes

The federal government has provided a much needed shot in the arm for retirement incomes reform by announcing it will move quickly on legislating an objective for the $2 trillion superannuation system.

Mar 8, 2016: Retirement Income Reform: Big Picture View Needed

Short-term budgetary and political positioning over superannuation threaten putting off even further an effective long-term reform plan for Australia’s retirement income system, an independent body of experts has warned. Ongoing politicking over superannuation tax concessions risks resulting in yet another narrowly framed attempt to tackle a much wider problem.

Oct 20, 2015: Murray Response a Great Start

The federal government’s decision to back the Murray recommendation to enshrine an objective for superannuation has been welcomed by an independent committee of experts set up to push for a holistic package of retirement incomes reform.  But it says much more work will be needed.