Why a new superannuation review is needed
March 26 2018 – Australian Financial Review
Habitual policy tinkering – in place of systematic and holistic policy formation – is exacerbating the difficulties Australians face in planning for their retirement. It is undermining public confidence in the system, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.

Why super funds need to start looking more like banks
January 29, 2018 – Australian Financial Review
The super system needs to be able to make more concrete promises about the income members are going to get in retirement. This is a structural problem for super and it’s a big shortcoming for an otherwise world-class retirement income system, writes Jeremy Cooper, CSRI Strategy Committee Member and chairman of retirement income at Challenger.

Peter Costello’s superannuation plan hits all the wrong targets
November 8, 2017 – Australian Financial Review
Default super savers need help to retire better, not just rack up returns while they are working, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.

Super reforms will help nudge the way towards MyRetirement
July 26, 2017 – Australian Financial Review
There are difficulties in setting up MyRetirement products to suit different people, but they are not insurmountable, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.

Comfortable’ superannuation target threatens adequate retirement outcome
November 22, 2016 – Australian Financial Review
Policy focus should be on the most efficient use of existing and new savings at the current rates, not increasing compulsory contribution rates, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.

A new era in super is coming
October 6, 2016 – Australian Financial Review
The federal government’s recent deal on reforming superannuation tax concessions may have taken some political heat out of the issue, but the challenge of building a more-sustainable retirement income system looms larger than ever, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.

The family home is the next stage of retirement policy beyond superannuation
September 16, 2016 – Australian Financial Review
The government’s super package was a good start, but retirement policy is still too reliant on insufficient super, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.

Reframing the Retirement Challenge
28 April 2016 – Australian Financial Review
It was a quarter of a century ago that Australia led the world in setting up compulsory superannuation. Now, with population ageing, lifespans increasing, public finances stretched and the risk of people outliving their savings growing, the system needs to evolve in response to changing circumstances, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.

Extend annuity tax breaks to stop super hoarding
January 12, 2016 – Australian Financial Review
New tax incentives are needed to encourage retirees to invest in annuities rather than hoarding superannuation which is passed on to the next generation, experts argue.

Support to Enshrine Super’s Purpose in Law
5 Aug 2015 – Australian Financial Review
The purpose of the superannuation system should be defined in legislation to stop piecemeal changes that undermine confidence, says Michael Keating, one of the architects of the regime.

Making retirement sustainable
10 June 2015 – YourLifeChoices
Planning or organising retirement income has become the ultimate juggling act in recent years, with far too many piecemeal, ad hoc changes to policy and entitlements. So imagine this: What if a group of experienced academics, senior policy makers, and community and industry organisations were to join forces to investigate a comprehensive review of Australia’s retirement income system?

Don’t rebuild super ‘from scratch’
9 June 2015 – Investor Daily
Constant piecemeal change and the absence of clear goals is creating uncertainty around superannuation, but there is no need to put the system on hold while perfection is sought, the CSRI Leadership form in Canberra has found.

A voice of reason on super
5 June 2015- Business Spectator
Amid the increasingly politicised debate about retirement incomes policy, one voice of reason emerged this week.

Where to for super? David Murray at the Retirement Incomes Forum
4 June 2015 – Cuffelinks
This week’s inaugural Sustainable Retirement Incomes Forum included some of the heaviest hitters in superannuation policy. Although the Forum and its independent committee represent the best chance of a policy consensus emerging, it also emphasised tese are strange times for the superannuation industry.

Retirement incomes need an overhaul
3 June 2015 – YourLifeChoices
Speaking at the Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI) Inaugural leadership forum last night, Financial System Inquiry (FSI) chairman David Murray has called on the government to overhaul the retirement incomes framework.

Too Much Tinkering on Super – Michael Keating
2 June 2015 – ABC, AM
Dr Michael Keating, chairman of the newly formed Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes, has called for an inquiry to establish the purpose of the retirement income scheme and how to best achieve it.

Tweaking Won’t Fix Retirement System – Patricia Pascuzzo
26 May 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Two decades of tweaking have created a complex retirement savings system that has strayed far from its originally designed purpose of providing for incomes in retirement, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.

Time to Deal with Super System’s Flaws
4 May 2015 – Australian Financial Review
Australia’s visionary superannuation system needs an overhaul that will return it to the spirit of its original purpose –  a dignified retirement for everyone, writes Patricia Pascuzzo, CSRI’s Founder and Executive Director.