A Holistic Approach

Australia has not had a comprehensive review of its retirement income policies in nearly 30 years. Superannuation and the age pension have grown alongside each other, but separately. Policy changes have been piecemeal and usually related to budget imperatives. While government has commissioned reviews in the last two years into the financial system, taxation andContinue reading “A Holistic Approach”

Government’s Role

The challenge for our retirement incomes system is not change in itself, but the nature of that change, says Dr Michael Keating, AC. Much of what we have seen over the years has been tinkering, often driven by short-term budgetary imperatives. As a result, many people have grown wary of change. Dr Keating – aContinue reading “Government’s Role”

Clear Objectives

Dr Vince FitzGerald is one of Australia’s most respected economists. A former senior public servant and now consultant, he has been writing and researching issues around savings, retirement, the aging population and fiscal implications for decades. He is the author of the much cited and influential National Savings Report to the federal government inĀ 1993. InContinue reading “Clear Objectives”