Shot in Arm for Retirement Incomes

The federal government has provided a much needed shot in the arm for retirement incomes reform by announcing it will move quickly on legislating an objective for the $2 trillion superannuation system. The Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI), a non-partisan and non-profit body of academic and policy experts, says the announcement by Assistant Treasurer… Read More

Retirement Income Reform: Big Picture View Needed

Short-term budgetary and political positioning over superannuation threaten putting off even further an effective long-term reform plan for Australia’s retirement income system, an independent body of experts has warned. Ongoing politicking over superannuation tax concessions risks resulting in yet another narrowly framed attempt to tackle a much wider problem. “Debate over policy reform is a good… Read More

Why superannuation concessions are no budget goldmine

by Andrew Podger The idea that superannuation tax expenditures amount to around $30 billion dollars a year, vastly favouring the rich and presenting easy pickings to fix the budget has become widely accepted. The facts, however, are very different. The tax treatment of superannuation is excessive, and does favour higher income groups inappropriately, but the… Read More