Retirement: Start with the Consumer

Patricia Pascuzzo The crisis of public confidence in the financial planning industry, intensified by the revelations at the Haynes Royal Commission, provides the starkest case yet for a consumer-centric approach to meeting Australia’s retirement income challenge. Australia’s defined contribution superannuation system asks individuals to manage financial risks beyond their capability. You might think that the… Read More


Retirement Income: Focussing on the endgame

By Patricia Pascuzzo The government’s proposed My Super “outcomes test” for superannuation trustees running default accumulation funds is significant. It could finally provide the means to nudge trustees toward developing effective comprehensive income products for retirees (CIPRs). Until now, criticism of Treasury’s proposals for CIPRs has risked overshadowing the ends of long-term policy reform with argument over means. But the move to improve superannuation governance to… Read More

An integrated view of funding retirement

By Patricia Pascuzzo, Founder and Executive Director Research shows that even under a mature superannuation system decades from now, most Australians still won’t have saved enough to meet their aged-care costs and will have retirement income well below the level needed for a comfortable standard of living. The Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI) carried out… Read More