An integrated view of funding retirement

By Patricia Pascuzzo, Founder and Executive Director Research shows that even under a mature superannuation system decades from now, most Australians still won’t have saved enough to meet their aged-care costs and will have retirement income well below the level needed for a comfortable standard of living. The Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes (CSRI) carried out… Read More


Taking the Long Term View

In 2016, CSRI carried out a comprehensive review of the retirement income system, building on the findings of the work of the Murray review, the Cooper Review and the Henry Review.  This was a collaborative effort involving industry, consumers, government and academia. The aim was to develop long term policies to create adequate and sustainable retirement… Read More

Housing and Retirement Income: An Integrated View

By Patricia Pascuzzo The recent proposal and ensuing debate about allowing young people to access their superannuation to buy their first homes has again highlighted  many of the shortcomings about policy discussions in Australia today. Once again, the various parties took up their positions for and against the proposal. While debate is undoubtedly welcome, sometimes… Read More