The retirement system is complex. As such, it comprises many competing voices.  Setting long-term, public-spirited policy in this area is tough, but even more so when there is not a single focal point that channels the views of all stakeholders, builds consensus and integrates all the elements of the system.

That is where the CSRI comes in. A non-profit, independent group that stands apart from industry associations and commercial interests and that transcends political cycles, we offer a non-aligned, holistic perspective of the retirement system, its challenges and its opportunities.

Our long-term horizon means we’re looking ahead to cultivate the next generation of industry and community leaders who will shape policy.

By becoming a CSRI partner, you can help set the retirement incomes agenda and shape the future.  See the CSRI Partnership Brochure for further information.

We offer four partnership categories tailored to suit different types of organisations.

If you would like further information about becoming a CSRI partner, including the benefits of partnering, please contact us at