CSRI seeks to stimulate a positive, forward-looking and inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders about how to better understand and adapt to the rapidly changing expectations and requirements of consumers in retirement.

The CSRI is an independent body established to represent the community interest in policy discussions relating to retirement incomes. It provides a forum that considers the whole retirement system and takes a long-term perspective of the solutions.

Australian’s are entering retirement at an accelerating rate.  The Australian defined contribution system places an excessive amount of financial risks on consumers, which they are poorly placed to manage.

Greater attention needs to be given to the retirement outcomes of consumers, and to supporting them to manage their risks, if the super system is to meet its objective of substituting /supplementing the age pension. To improve superannuation system outcomes, an important policy aim should be to empower members to better plan for retirement.

While the focus to date has been on the business of accumulating and growing assets, attention should now turn to the achievement of retirement outcomes of consumers. This will require super funds to supplement their wholesale investment and administration capabilities with new retail capabilities to help consumers achieve sustainable incomes in retirement.

While there are multiple voices speaking for various sectoral interests, it is easy to lose sight of the broader community interest.  The CSRI fills this gap.