The Committee for Sustainable Retirement Income (CSRI) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank whose mission is to progress the development and implementation of policies to further the goal of encouraging “adequate incomes through all the years of retirement for all Australians on a fair and fiscally sustainable basis”.

CSRI takes an integrated view of funding of retirement, including the aged pension, superannuation benefits, home equity, and the costs of health care and aged care.

Recognising that the effectiveness of the retirement income system is undermined by short term policy thinking and lack of clarity about purpose, the CSRI injects an integrated and longer-term perspective in policy formulation and seeks to build consensus on a reform programme.

With a focus on the development of thought leadership and public policy, the CSRI brings together multi-disciplinary and diverse perspectives from a range of different parties (including academics, superannuation fund providers, investment managers, life companies, financial planners, federal government representatives and importantly consumer advocacy groups).

It pursues its mission by acting as a catalyst for the development of evidence-based policy and engaging widely with stakeholder groups to reach common ground on policy positions in the community interest.