Forum Acknowledgements

Over the last twelve months, the CSRI has progressed a collaborative policy development process with the aim of building consensus on sustainable retirement incomes policies that go beyond the current budget or electoral cycles.

That process culminated in the CSRI Leadership Forum on 12-13 October in Canberra that brought together 150 leaders in public policy, industry, consumer groups and academia.

The rich and vibrant discussion demonstrated the importance of a holistic approach and the commitment of various stakeholder groups to working together.

The Forum reinforced the need for an improved policy development environment and highlighted the importance of CSRI’s work to broaden community consensus on the need for change and the directions for reform.

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated support of all our partners.

I would like to sincerely thank our Forum sponsors – PWC, Dimensional, Challenger, Australian National University, PIMCO, StatePlus, King and Wood Mallesons, CBus, Link Group, and Council of the Aging – for being policy development partners in the truest sense of the word.

I am particularly grateful to Jim Parker of Dimensional for providing such high standards of written and visual communication to the CSRI network this year, not to mention his masterful interview of Paul Bongiorno at the Leadership Forum dinner.

Special thanks to Maureen Daley for her carriage of the Forum logistics – strongly supported by Murray Radcliffe and Liz West from the Academy of the Social Sciences.

Sincerest thanks to Patricia Boow, for her ongoing secretariat support and James Grubel ANU for media support.

I would especially like to thank the academic and industry experts who contributed research and analysis that helped underpin the CSRI’s policy positions, including: Siobhen Austen, Curtin University;  Hazel Bateman, CEPAR; Bruce Bradbury, UNSW; Nick Callil, Willis Towers Watson; David Cox, Challenger; Suzanne Doyle, StatePlus; Phil Gallagher, Industry Super Australia; David Ingles, ANU Crawford School of Public Policy; Hal Kendig, CEPAR; David Knox, Mercer; Graham Lennon, Dimensional; Zac May, Industry Super Australia; Peter McDonald, ANU; Catherine Nance, PWC; Rachel Ong, Curtin University; Jim Parker, Dimensional; John Piggott, CEPAR; Murray Radcliffe, ASSA, Martin Stevenson, First State Super; Ruth Stringer, King & Wood Mallesons; Darren Wickham, TAL; Peter Whiteford, ANU; Nadine Wilmot; Catherine Wood, Women in Super; Ian Yates, COTA; and Judith Yates, USyd.

Finally, I wish to thank the Committee members for their valuable contributions and ongoing commitment to good public policy.

Patricia Pascuzzo

Founder and Executive Director

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